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The Osteoporosis Society (Singapore) (OSS) is a non-profit society that advocates for and supports the public education, research, diagnosis and management of the disease for patients. Doctors, health professionals as well as the general public are able to join as members to help achieve the Society's objectives .

The Osteoporosis Society's (Singapore) Objectives are:

a) To encourage, promote and support research related to the prevention, diagnosis, causes and treatment of osteoporosis.
b) To collect, compile and disseminate accurate and updated information regarding all aspects of osteoporosis, and to carry out regular and effective public education programmes.
c) To establish and operate programmes rendering moral support, encourage and financial assistance to needy patients and/or their
d) To recommend and assist in the formulation of such legislation as may be required to assist and improve services to those suffering from osteoporosis.
e) To co-operate with all relevant public and private agencies in services for persons at risk or suffering from osteoporosis.
f) To Campaign for, receive, hold and apply funds, gifts, bequests and endowments or proceeds thereof, to any of the purposes described in these objects.
g) Generally to do what may be required to give effect and carry forward the purposes of this Society without discriminating against any person or organisation because of race and religion.

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